Developmental Editing


Developmental Editing is sometimes called Substantive Editing.

This widely accepted form of editing is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your book manuscript before you do your final revision and submit it for copy editing.

The keyUnlock the Full Potential of Your Manuscript

Ready to take your draft to the next level? Developmental Editing is your crucial first step before diving into final revisions and copy-editing. Authors become so familiar with their manuscripts that they commonly miss obvious faults in their fiction and nonfiction books. I identify them with my expert eye so you can fix embarrassing problems in your final draft.

Why Choose Me?

I go far beyond a cursory read-through. My comprehensive approach involves multiple in-depth reviews of your entire manuscript, scrutinizing it to identify both its strengths and areas for improvement. The end result? A detailed report that illuminates your book’s potential while pinpointing aspects that require attention.

What Sets My Service Apart

Unlike feedback from well-meaning family and friends or random beta readers on social media, my assessment is meticulously fair, utterly objective, and professionally in-depth. I offer you the kind of insights only an expert can provide.

My Commitment to You

I approach your work with the heart of an educator, committed to guiding you toward a polished, compelling manuscript. I’m not here to be a mere critic; my desire is to enable your writing success.

Transform your manuscript into the excellent book you want it to be. Elevate your writing journey with my Developmental Editing Service today!

my processMy Process

I read every word of your manuscript (often several times) with a trained eye. I create a written report highlighting both the positive and negative aspects of your book. Your family, friends, or the beta readers you meet on Facebook cannot give you the fair, objective, in-depth professional insight I offer.


I view your book as an educator who wants to help you improve your manuscript, not as a harsh critic.
My goal is to enhance your writing success.


My written report is page-by-page feedback about your manuscript. Not only do I identify strengths and weaknesses, but I often add writing samples so you can see alternate ways to solve writing problems. I also include links to third-party resources for you to study.

In addition to the written report, we will have a 30-minute personal contact (Zoom or phone) to discuss the report. Ask me why I made certain recommendations, or ask me to expand on them. You are also free to tap my brain about writing, publishing, and book promotion during that time if you wish.

My Service Includes:

      • A comprehensive analysis of your book structure and content (fiction or nonfiction).
      • An analysis of the clarity of your writing. Clarity of communication is a secret to book success.
      • A helpful evaluation of your writing style from an objective point of view.
      • A positive critique of specific elements you can change to make your book more reader-friendly.
      • A professional opinion about your book’s potential for commercial success, including some preliminary market research.
      • I catch hidden issues, problems, and blunders before you pay for copy editing.

Professional feedback about your first draft will help you perfect your book.
We’ll work together to help you create a book you will be proud to publish.


professional services feeDevelopmental Editing Fee

    My fee for Developmental Editing is $395 for up to 45,000 words. Add $10 per thousand words beyond that. Word count is based on Microsoft Word statistics. 

      I read the first draft of your manuscript carefully and prepare a 5-15 page report based on the issues I see. The length of my report depends on the word count of your book and the number of issues I discover. My report may be longer than 15 pages, but they are never shorter than 5 pages of helpful feedback..

          • After you have time to read and digest my report (typically 3-4 days), we’ll have our 30-minute Zoom video call (worldwide) or telephone conversation (USA only) to discuss the report, answer questions, or strategize about possible revisions for your final draft. I will do my best to connect with you at the time you request.
          • Delivery time is based on my workload when I receive your book, but it is often 7-10 working days (M-F). I will meet the deadline we set together.
          • A completed first draft is strongly preferred. You may send a work-in-progress if it is well along, but your fee pays for a one-time evaluation, not an ongoing evaluation of your work-in-progress. Copy (line) editing or additional consulting services are not included.

      My clients receive value for their investment. They gain perspectives that enable them to produce a better book.

      Contact me today with your questions or to commission me to do your Developmental/Substantive editing.