Meet the Editor



Don Hughes is passionate about empowering his clients and students to achieve their writing, publishing, and personal aspirations.

With a rich educational background, including a Bachelor’s degree and two Master’s degrees, one of which is in Communications, Hughes has a wealth of knowledge to share.

His professional journey has seen him wear many hats. He has served as an editor for a national book-selling industry magazine and taught writing and media subjects at various conferences and universities within the U.S. and internationally. His contribution to education earned him a spot in Outstanding Educators of America.

Hughes’ work has taken him across the globe, visiting 31 countries as an NGO journalist. He has also been an editor at a traditional book publisher and has been at the helm of his own Indie publishing company for nearly three decades.

He has helped hundreds of authors enhance their writing skills and publish their books with pride. He is a mentor who trains and counsels both experienced and aspiring writers.

As an accomplished author, Hughes has written or ghostwritten 44 books. His writing portfolio is as diverse as it is extensive, encompassing public relations writing, advertising copywriting, news writing, magazine articles, technical writing, fiction and nonfiction books, book ghostwriting, nonfiction video scripts, course content, multimedia scripts, and online content.

Based in Southern California, Hughes has a global reach, with clients and students spanning 78 countries. He is always available for contact and eager to assist with his affordable author services.